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Convite aberto: HIKING IN NATURE by Sheila Souza

    by  Sheila Souza



Abstract: The author invites the reader to take part in a nature walk in the countryside, to be held in a Brazilian city.

Keywords: invitation, environmental tourism.



Resumo: A autora convida o leitor a participar em uma caminhada na natureza em zona rural, que se  realizará em um município brasileiro.


Palavras Chaves: Convite, Turismo ambiental.


      If you want, you can enjoy a popular walk which will take place on April 6, 2012. You prepare to acclimatise in relation to the 2014 Cup festivities. It is in Brazil, seventy kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful city in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The city to host the walk will be Paracambi. The displacement of the walkers, on rural roads will be fully supervised and conducted by the tourist office and headed by Superintendent Valeria Motta.

      The initial meeting will be in the "Praça Cara Nova"  (New Face square) downtown Paracambi between 7:30 and 8:30 PM. For logistical reasons the group will be conducted to the Center for Education “Terra de Educar” where the trek will come out. You will walk through the Forest region to the “Fazenda Água da Vida, FAV” (Farm Water of Life). There you will know the traditional Human Development Platform that centralizes all the local activities in advanced environmental concepts since its founding more than 20 years.

      After the typical recreation in rural areas, it will return around 14 hours and 15 hours, certainly with motorized support because no one is iron.
      But you have to register[4]. Registration is free. Subscribe to the website www.  or through City Hall at www.



 Check out the announcement of the event published in Portuguese by Portal Paracambi.


Said the executive secretary of IAC5: This is a special opportunity for bird watchers. [2] Space for comfort and facilities of the research, represented by the Center for the Enhancement of Human and Nature, CVHN.


[3] Registrations for participation are not acceptable locally on the day of the walk.


[4] Here the data you need to provide:

Name and surname, Date of birth

Address, City, State, Country, Postal Code, Telephone, Mobile, Email ,

and additional details:

Size of shirt,

Intend to attend the luncheon after the event?

Medical history,

Contact and phone number in case of emergency.


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